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Golf and Turf Applications


bulletIncreases total oxygen supply to plants and soil microbes for a healthy and strong turf.
bulletImproves water penetration.
bulletFungal disease pressure reduced.
bulletEasy to install and maintain.


Oxion utilizes the most efficient corona discharge system for producing ozone (O3) and other negatively charged oxides of nitrogen.  Ionization occurs when air is passed through high voltage (13,000 volts) rearranging the molecules.  This Oxion process is very similar to what Mother Nature does every time lightning strikes.

Ozone (O3) and oxides of nitrogen that have a negative charge are up to several times more soluble than stable oxygen (O2) and nitrogen.  This simple process allows Oxion to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen and nitrogen in the irrigation water may times over.

The Oxion system injects the ionized air into the water through a sub-micron injector that is added to your existing irrigation system.  This injection system creates millions of extremely small bubbles which increase solubility and dispersion.

Increase Oxygen Supply to Plants
When applied to growing grass, the Oxion air system will allow the plants to utilize the increased soluble oxygen and nitrogen radicals to produce a better root zone for more vigorous plants in a shorter period of time.
Improve Water Penetration
Improved water utilization is very beneficial to golf courses when trying to balance water demand between greens and fairways.
Fungal Disease Pressure Reduced 

Often too much time and attention is given to the above ground organic matter, and too little attention to below the surface where 90% of the organic material exists.  By improving aerobic conditions in the soil, disease from fungus can be reduced. 

Easy Installation and Maintenance 
The Oxion system is easy to integrate into your current irrigation system.  Additionally, little maintenance is required on your part. 


The Oxion air system and methods are patented.  Oxion is a registered trademark of Oxion, Inc.

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