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Golf and Turf
Ag Storage & Irrig

Golf and Turf Applications

The Oxion system injects ionized air into your water delivery system to create millions of extremely small bubbles which increase water solubility and dispersion.  See how we can improve the quality of turf production.


Livestock Applications

The Oxion system can be used to improve the quality of drinking water for beef and dairy cattle to improve health, feed efficiency and production.  In swine drinking water there is an improvement in live production and carcass yields, while reducing pit water contaminants and odors in buildings.  In poultry drinking water the Oxion system will improve productions for layers and improve feed efficiency for broilers.  


Agriculture Applications

The Oxion system can be used in the greenhouse or in the field.  In the greenhouse, benefits will be received in the treatment of fresh and re-circulated water.  In the field, the Oxion system integrated with your irrigation system will improve water penetration, reduce runoff and hardpan.  




The Oxion air system and methods are patented.  Oxion is a registered trademark of Oxion, Inc.

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