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Potato Irrigation
Increase Your Potato Yields
The Oxion Air System can increase your potato yields by improving the ability of your plants to make use of water and soil nutrients.  Injecting Oxion Air into your irrigation water substantially increases the dissolved oxygen content of your water.  This, in turn, increases water penetration into the soil and the oxygen content of your soil after watering.  Improved soil porosity increases water use efficiency and also results in better utilization of soil nutrients.  Oxion Air helps maintain aerobic conditions in your soil, creating an environment undesirable for fungi.  Reduced symptom of early blight without the usual use of fungicides have been noted.  Yield increase of 10-20 cwt. per acre have been achieved when Oxion Air was added to the irrigation system.
Improve the Qualify of your potato crop
Soil receiving water treated with Oxion Air can produce a potato crop with a higher specific gravity.  The specific gravity of potato tubers is an estimate of their solids or their dry matter content.  The Oxion studies and grower reports reflect increases in specific gravity of .002 or greater.
Leave Your Soil in Your Field
Improving your soil texture results in fewer clods and less soil adhering to potatoes at harvest.  Fewer clods increases harvest speeds while reducing the amount of dirt going into storage.  The potential for problems in storage due to dry rot and soft rot is reduced.

The Oxion Air System can also be used to aid in the storage of potatoes.


The Oxion air system and methods are patented.  Oxion is a registered trademark of Oxion, Inc.

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