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Ozone Water Treatment for All Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

Benefits of Oxion Ozone for the Treatment of Fresh and Recirculated Water

bulletIncrease dissolved oxygen by 30 to 45 percent.
bulletReduced plate counts of fungi and bacteria.
bulletImproves fertilizer availability for plants.
bulletPromotes aerobic root environment.
bulletMore root hairs for nutrient uptake.
bulletCleaner irrigation lines and drippers.


Oxion utilizes the most efficient corona disharge system for producing ozone and other negatively charged ions.  This is the same process that occurs in nature every time lightning strikes.  This is important because ozone and oxides of nitrogen that have a negative charge are several times more soluble in water than ambient air.

Nutrient recycling is a very important issue.  Money is lost when nutrients are thrown down the grain.  Disinfection of this water is critical when discussing re-circulation.  Ozone provides the best method to achieve disinfection of your water delivery systems.  Organic compounds can be a source for microorganisms.  If there are too may organic compounds in the water, an ultraviolet system will not be as effective because it will not penetrate the organic products to kill the microorganisms.  

Ozone will kill the microorganisms, break up the organic compounds, and will also increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water.   The Oxion ozone multi-pass systems are cost effective to purchase, operate and maintain.  Let us show you how to improve your operation with the Oxion systems.

For more information on this, and other Oxion products feel free to contact us.

The Oxion air system and methods are patented.  Oxion is a registered trademark of Oxion, Inc.

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